About Us

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The founders of Sustainable Composites LLC (SCL) are Scientists and Engineers who have had careers in the materials industry in R&D, production, management, and executive positions. They have always been concerned with efficient material utilization. As the world’s population and economies continued to grow, they recognized the pressing need to develop value-added uses for materials which would otherwise be discarded. They identified leather waste as an underutilized material that up until now has generally had an adverse impact on the world’s environment. While some organizations have developed useful products made from leather waste, they are usually low-value products that do not capture the aesthetics and attributes of leather which make it such a desirable material. After 5 years and millions of dollars invested in R&D, SCL has developed unique and patented technology to deliver these qualities.

SCL is committed to delivering high-value materials to its customers which will delight the consumer due to its properties and environmental contributions. SCL is also committed to the continued development of this and further advanced technologies to maximize the use of waste, maximize material utilization, use environmentally favorable processing and provide new to the world products that deliver the utility, functionality, and luxury that manufacturers and consumers expect from high-quality leather.