Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

genuine leather product prepare to clean and care on old wooden surface.

What is enspire leather? enspire leather is a new alternative to traditional leather which is made using 100% leather waste.

How is enspire leather made?  Sustainable Composites LLC has invented a new process which takes leather fibers and turns them into a leather product which can be used in making anything that is usually made using traditional leather.

Why use enspire leather? Since enspire leather is made using recycled leather, it doesn’t require additional animals to be killed and reduces the amount of landfill.  Traditional leather has many imperfections which creates a lot more waste and makes leather more expensive.  enspire leather is made in perfect rolls which cut down on waste and is a less expensive alternative.

What colors and textures are available?  enspire leather can be customized with your choice of color, texture, and thickness.

Where can I find enspire?  To receive more information or to order a sample please contact us using the information below.