Our Product

SCL’s product is called enspire leather. The e denotes the environmentally positive aspect of the product while recognizing the endless inspiration the product can deliver to designers, manufacturers, and consumers.

No other technology uses the fibers from leather waste exclusively to produce a product which has the strength, tear resistance, sew-ability, hand, abrasion resistance, flexibility, breathability, and the many qualitative attributes desired in a leather product.

Due to its composition and patented forming procedures it is further unique in that it can be finished precisely the same as traditional leather. That means that finishes ranging from the highly durable finishes used in the transportation and furniture industries to the luxurious finishes in fashion accessories, and small leather goods are all achievable with enspire leather.

Because it is produced in uniform continuous rolls, and often when finished in rectangular uniform “hides,” it dramatically increases the yields article manufacturers achieve compared to traditional leather.

colored leather